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tv   Good Day 8am  FOX  February 23, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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lxw . her tongue hangs halfway out of her mouth. >> all right. wow, where do we go? what you deposit today, jayme. i've got a sky that's reminiscent of a halfway decent day. as we go into the afternoon and we talk about a little bit oa rain chance starting to perk up, probably around 40 % when it's all said and done, scattered showers and isolated storms. taking a look, you can see 60s throughout, from gainesville to claremont to kissimmee, out to the space coast. temperatures not an issue. if you like it warm today, situation number one, that could yield showers here on top of the state today and then this di here that moves on in and changes our weather world big time by lunchtime tomorrow, big, big broad libe of storms moving in. we'll be tracking it for you. finally knocking on the door and looks as though someone's going
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again, after 12:00, 40 % chance of rainfall. highs, lower 80s by 2:00. up, down, dry things out. looks to be a two thumbs up type of weekend if you happen what i mean. that's your forecast. here's a live look, i-4 westbound before the 436 here. weave a major crash finally starting to clear right now, literally as we speak, those lanes all reope en. there's still a ton of backup that goes back into lake` mary boulevard. if you are getting on the road anytime soon, i would suggest taking the 417 or the 1792. we have another road block here at obt. the road there is shut down because of a crash. so definitely be aware of that. use caution. take an alternate route there if possible, swechlt taking a look right now at another crash, this is on the 408 at anderson street, the 408 westbound there.
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that area, but be aware if you're traveling through the downtown area this morning. taking a look at your drive times, i 74 westbound from lake mary to colonial, about 95 minutes right now. can. i-4 eastbound from those attractions to downtown will take about 22 minutes and on the 408, 417 to downtown takes about 15 minutes. that's it for your traffic. back to you. breaking news. a man hears a knock at the door, opens a door and gets shot in a stomach. >> it happened at an apartment complex and dana has the latest on the scene. >> actually, just spoke to the victim's sister this morning. she tells me, he's doing okay apartment. his mother, his 16 -year-old brother and another man were also in that apartment when those suspect arrived. the police were called here to the pine view apartments around
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a 22 -year-old man got a knock on the door, he answered and three men were standing on his door step. according to police, they told him to give it up and one of the suspects shot him in the stomach. now, the sister who i just spoke to tells us there were several shots fired. meanwhile, her mom and 16 -year-old brother were inside that apartment, as well. >> by the time i got over there, my mom and brother was running to me. my brother was sitting on the ground, he just kept saying he okay. just get an ambulance. that's all he could say. >> now, she tells us the suspects didn't take off with anything. police are looking for this -- for them this morning. they ran away on foot. three black males is a very vague description police are working off of this morning. >> thanks, dana.
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boyaccused of running down a deputy will be in court later today. the family of sergeant piece will also be in court when ortiz makes his first appearance. sergeant pierce is still recovering from the bruises on her face and stitches in her head. investigators say ortiz ran her down as she was trying to take him into custody for a burglary charge. it happened on friday. ortiz is now facing an emptied murder charge. a health alert this morning, the cdc has arrived in brazil to investigate the zika virus there. the mosquito born virus is believed to cause birth defects, but the cdc is not 100 % certain. that is what scientists hope to determine while they're down in brazil brazil. they also want to know if women experienced any symptoms during the pregnancies.
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zeek is reported here in orange ika is reported here in orange county. also, a prosecutor tells fox news that the uber driver accused of randomly killing six people and injuring two others in michigan admits to the attacks. >> jason dalton faced a judge plea. dalton was picking up fares in shootings. one of them happened in a cracker barrel parking lot. shot. she was initially declared brain dead. the family was preparing to donate her organs when the girl suddenly squeezed her mother's hand. she was rushed into surgery. she's now in critical condition. also today, donald trump hopes to continue his winning streak with the win in the nevada caucus. >> ryan has a closer look at that. >> it would be a major surprise if donald trump does not win big in nevada. so most people watching the battle spec'd.
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39 % said they support trump. ted cruz in second with 23. marco rubio at 19. rubio picked up some key endorsements after this poll was taken. not a great monday for ted cruz. he asked his national spokesman to resign, after he retweeted a false news story about marco rubio. it included a video that misquoted rubio, making it appear that he was bashing the bible. >> this was a grave error of judgment. it turned out the news story he sent around was false, but even if it was true, we are not a campaign that's going to question the faith of another candidate. >> it's every single day that something comes off the cruz day that's untrue. and at this point, goes after my faith. >> the cruz-rubio battle right now intense.
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about cruz circulating information that suggested ben carson could be leaving the presidential race that turned out to be untrue, as well. meanwhile, the democrats turning their focus to south carolina. it is hillary clinton that has a big lead in this race. on the health watch, tons of butter these days. >> that's right. you have the natural, powder, whip, almond butter. is nut ella considered penult butter? >> i don't know, but i love it. >> next, how to find the best peanut butter for you and your family, still to come. plus, david martin. did you know there are 68 wolf gang bakeries around the country and they're headquartered right here in orlando. you won't believe how many they're opening up right here in 2006.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. x . there is such a wide variety of peanut butter, that choosing one can be kind of a pain. dr. joe is joining us this morning to help us with our
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this is a real problem, you know. hi, dr. joe. >> it's amazing. you go to the grocery store and it's there everywhere. you don't know which to pick and pull. we talked to registered dietician and she says, if you go by this, we'll look at the serving size and look for something that has calories under 200 per serving. so many, less than 100. less than three grams of sugar and no transfats. but remember, if there's less than.5 than.5 transfats per serve, they can say zero on the label. you want to see something that says hijudgeinated oil, that means there's a little transfat in there. >> when i was a kid, my mom used to buy the all natural peanut butter. the layer of oil was so thick you could barely get the knife in there. it was horrible. you couldn't even spread it. >> yeah, but if you look at
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definition for natural. generally speaking, stick to something without transfat. generally, you're going to be okay if you go with a natural. there are some you don't have to stir anymore, which is great. >> and then you put it on the bread and the bread would be ripped to shreds. i know you mentioned the fat content and there are a lot of brands that often low fat peanut butter. what you're saying is you don't need to worry about low fat when it comes to peanut butter is that right. >> if you're on a diet, you may have to worry a little, but they're healthy fats. i would say worry about the hydrogenated oils you may want to stay away from. here's the cool thing. i had never seen powdered peanut butter. so it's just pure peanut butter. you mix it with water and you can make it whatever consistency you want. but look at the calories.
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that's compared to 200 to 220. saturated fat is down to 1.5 and that is compared to somewhere around 14 to 16 in regular peanut butter. and then the other thing is the sugar is only one graham. eight grams in regular peanut butter. now, the whipped stuff also a little lower in all of those things. not like the powder, of course. but there was some hydrogenated oil. so anyway, but the whipped is also lower. we tried this. and i have to tell you, it's not bad. people are telling me they put it in their smooth ies. >> yeah, i can see cooking or baking something. >> yeah, i can see that. >> and then the other thing you have to remember. two grams of fiber. >> that's great. not much at all. thanks, dr. jo. great to see you. >> peanut butter, the struggle is real, you know. jayme king. yes, ma'am. good morning, guys. mild morning out there for you, guys.
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the entire 535 viewing area, mild times and cloud cover sliding in. the stuff now approaching from the southwest here is kind of like higher level higher up there in the sky. it tends to haze out the sun at times, but later today, with daytime heating, we develop a field of cloud cover over the interior and may begin to factor in as we go to the afternoon. that could also help to raise the rain stakes in a lot of areas. here we go. our accuweather cam here, the visit orlando tower cam, high atop the regency in orlando, looking out toward the ohio drive area in all the hotels and molts and certainly the general vibe of excitement within the community down that way as a lot of folks heading out to the theme parks today. enjoy yourself and know there's a chance of rain returning generally after the noon hour. then we focus our attention to this guy here, begins to race across the gulf of mexico and it lunchtime tomorrow. until then, showers and storms
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40 % chance of that. and you see there behind me, 81 by 2:00. so a very warm day compliment of the southerly air flow now in place in advance of our approaching system and this will also help to key in a rain chance today. again, generally after lunchtime. so keep the umbrella handy. maybe you see a couple rain drops or a rogue storm fire off. that's how it goes. then this guy gets in. you see it moving across as we get towards noon and two and then we see that shuffle out towards the east side beaches, clearing the entire peninsula by night fall tomorrow and appears it will make for a light run tomorrow. do we time out the anticipation of rain and improving conditions with tomorrow evening's launch at the cape canaveral station? falcon nine going up and our launch window opening at 646. last time i checked, it was a 2 -hour launch window. so they're anticipating rough, windy weather. and then clearing, we'll see how it goes and keep you up to date
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and the surf, 2 or 3 feet, mixed swell in the water. sulkederly winds developing, moderate in size, a 9 to 11 second interval. a combo of the two puts us in a waist my, chest high category. here's your forecast, everybody. on a silver platter for you. shown again, windy, stormy with tomorrow, cool and sunny for the weekend. looking good with lows by saturday morning down to the low 40s and no chance of rain. that's your forecast. happy tuesday. we have another crash on i-4 eastbound, just past lane four. traffic not too brad. be aware if you have to travel through this area. here's a look at i-4 westbound. back up from that earlier crash at the 436 there. still a hassive mess on i-4 westbound in seminole. i would suggest definitely
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but we do have a couple issues on the 417. this is a 417 southbound at red bug lake road causing delays there. no word of any road block. there is an accident there. and then this other crash, abearlier crash where the road is blocked, no longer blocked, 417 at obt. still seeing some delays in that area. be aware of that, as well. drive timings, everything is still very slow. i-4 westbound, about 76 minutes right now. i-4 eastbound from those attractions to downtown, looking a lot better. it will take you 19 minutes and on the 408, westbound, 417 to downtown, will take youwit 15 minutes right now. time for your fox 35 pump patrol as always, saving you money. regular gas is $1.57 on east cimarron in casselberry and remember, you can always check out gas saving tips on your website under traffic. thanks. we're thinking about man's best
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>> today is national dog biscuit day. david martin. i hadp no idea. but there are quite ap few options. >> i didn't tell also national banana bread day. throwing that out there. they can do anything here at gulf gang bakery. we are in celebration where dogs are welcome. people tolerated. they have more than 150 snacks for your cats and dogs and that's what we're celebrating, all these beautiful biscuits.ppthey can even make custom ones for you. we'll show you the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh
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spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. . 8:23 here on "good day orlando." today is tuesday, february 23rd, more commonly known as national dog bisque day. >> we celebrate this every year, toocuit day. >> we celebrate this every year, too too. he's joining us live today from a national dog treat company. >> huge growth. they started in 2007 here in florida and today, 2016, man, wolf gang bakery is where it's at. and this is the man responsible for all that growth, mr. paul
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i like your store. it's adorable, cute, and people like it, as well. how many stores are you opening up in 2016? >> we're planning to open a door every 12 to 15 days. >> every 12 to 15 days in america, huh? and you're spread throughout the country. what's the farthest west you go? >> las vegas. >> when you tell people, i run wolf gang bakery, how do you sell it? >> i think we're a neighborhood pet store and the goal of walk in bakery is to offer the very best in pet care and also grooming. >> yeah, you got the pet spa. can you bring cats, too? >> yes, they can. >> it's national dog biscuit day cindy. good morning to you. >> good morning snoop you've got a chandelier hanging over a gorgeous wood table of dog biscuit treat and my friend here josh with his lexy will be our
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you have people come in here and get a treat for their pets every day? >> we have regular customers that come in every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day on their caly walks. it's definitely a regular place for the dogs. >> don't go anywhere. josh, what is lexy's favorite treat? >> lexy loves them all. her nickname is the pigs, but her favorite is this sausage. if you want to try one, you can have them. >> all right. this is mine. >> not bad, right? >> you have humans eating them? >> sometimes on a daily base. we even have toddlers that come in and grab snacks but the parents comment that the ingredients are better than some of the things they feed them, so it's not a problem. >> lexy, you like this one? oh, yeah, looks like a winner.
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how adorable is lexy. you make them here in the store? >> absolutely. we have our little bakery right back here. we bake, decorate, do custom treats. we can do your doggy's birthday party if you so please. you name, it we can do it. >> and how much in advance do you need notice to do something like this? >> a week notice is good, but in a crunchtime, we can do something in a couple days. we just did this last night for you guys. >> jayme says i never do it. can we eat this one? >> that is a peanut butter bone with yogurt coating on top. >> did you see peanut butter? >> amy, you've gotten your wish, peanut butter. i'm gonna break a tooth. are they supposed to be this hard? >> that one's pretty crunchy, yeah, that's not one of the
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>> w. w. w.wolf gang and find a location near you today. >> and you've got 13 in central florida. so you're watching this broadcast, you have no reason not to go visit wolf gang. >> thanks, paul allen. i appreciate it. and we're back in the next hour with some of the neatest nonfood items you can get at these stores. they are incredible, including superhero dog leashes. i can't wait to show you those
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>> i'm gonna go back and freez . welcome back.
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you will be walking on sunshine today. a little rain overnight, but waking up to a beautiful morning and changes are on the way. jayme will talk about those changes and how it will shake things up in just a minute. that's okay. >> we need a little change in our lives. change is good for you. glad you're here. >> let's check in with that man she just spoke about. yeah, big time. good segue. let's talk. good morning to you both. welcome to the home. welcome to the show here. gdo live until 10:00 a.m. and we're talking about the rain chance moving up. after about the noon hour, a good solid 40 % and scattered showers and isolated thunderstorm activity. 60s now and certainly the temperatures have not been an issue at all this morning. very, very pleasant. it will be by around lunchtime tomorrow is this thing here now. let's slide through texas. let's flip it over, show you a 3d perspective. you see the warm front that will gradually begin to glide our way.
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and we tomorrow, that thing's knocking on the door, a few showers out ahead of that through the morning. the big guy gets here for the afternoon. 60, 70 % type coverage. behind it, winds increase, temperatures cool and the sun will be shining. that's the most important part in all this. that's your forecast. >> hi, everybody. hockey tuesday, bringing you back out live to i-4 eastbound here just past lee road. we have a right lane blocked because of a crash. you can see quite a few emergency vehicles on scene. traffic moving pretty slowly through the area, but it is still moving. just be aware if you're traveling through this morning. take a look. we have a lot of crashes on the map. too many to tell you about. the first one here is at cimarron, michigan street, causing significant delays both directions on cimarron. so definitely be aware of that if you are moving through there this morning. this is another new crash on land street. partially blocked at boggy creek road. not too many significant delays there, but definitely be aware if you're going through that area. taking a look right now at your
8:34 am
finally starting to clear, but not great. i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, about 40 minutes. i-4 eastbound from the attractions to downtown takes about 18 minutes. and on the 408, the 417 to downtown, is gonna take you 17 minutes right now. that's it for your traffic. back to you. the teenager who is accused of running down an orange county deputy and driving off is going to be in court today. >> that deputy was left bald brossed and she says she'llologist be there with her family. andrea jackson is live in orange county with more. >> good morning to you, john and amy. the teen who deputies have been searching for since friday finally turned himself in yesterday afternoon. >> we did take into custody john carlos ortiz. he was add his mother's residence there in the 800 block of high street. >> the same location where deputies say the teen tried to run over sergeant peerson friday morning as she was trying to take him into custody. ortiz is now being held at the juvenile detention center is
8:35 am
>> attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, add battery of a law enforcement officer, use of a weapon in the commission of a felony crime, and potentially he will be charge charged with grand theft auto. >> deputies recovered the stolen car they say ortiz was driving on high street when he hit sergeant pierce. we spoke to sergeant pierce's husband who say they meant to see ortiz in court. >> we will be there in the morning. >> and ortiz is expected to be here at juvenile court this morning for a first appearance in front of a judge. however, the state prosecutor could try him as an adult. that's yet to be determined. we'll keep you updated. >> thank you. a man who's accused in a deadly hit and run in orange county now expected to have his first appearance today. >> the florida highway patrol says valuen teen was driving drunk on orange blossom trail when he ran a red light and
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42 -year-old adams was killed in that crash. the man fled the scene. he was later found passed out in the driver's seat at a nearby apartment complex. troopers say he didn't even have a driver's license. a woman suspected of robbing a cab driver is in jail right now after a week long search. lovet is accused of pointing a gun at a cab driver and robbing him and running off. lovet now faces charges with armed robbery of a firearm and possession of a firearm by a convicted felony. also, a woman convicted of murder in the 15 -year-old boy will be sentenced today. wright was found guilty of first degree murder for her part of the killing in 2011. wright lourdes her ex-boyfriend away from his home there through text messages and four men beat him and shot him, ultimately killing him. also developling this morning, space x says it's ready for tomorrow's rocket launch at the cape. >> the company is looking to send a communications satellite
8:37 am
after tomorrow's launch, space x will attempt to land the rocket booster on a floating barge. now, you remember, they've had problems with that. back in december, the company did successfully land a falcon nine first stage on land out at cape canaveral. that was a good thing. but sea based rocket landings have been a real pain. the last three times they've tried, the barge landings have ended in failure. the launch is set for 6:46 tomorrow night, but there's concern about strong winds, clouds, abapproaching cold front. so they might put it off for a day. it's hard to land on something that's moving, you know what i mean? >> right, it's hard enough. >> yeah. so we'll see. ketcha is accused of rape is now speaking. >> what he says about the accusations and how is are coming to kegga's defense. also, this day in history, 1999 was the year that gather brooks attended spring training. he was a nonroster player with
8:38 am
in lieu of a salary, the team agreed to donate that money to charity. what was the team that brought
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the . it was on this day in history, february 23rd, 1999, gather brooks attended spring training camp. he was a nonroster player. in lieu of a salary, the team agreed they would donate his salary to charity. what was the team that brought him on? was it the kansas city royals, the san diego padres or the arizona diamondbacks?
8:42 am
corner, right? >> it's already in. last thursday. they're here. >> are they down at disney? to. >> they're at disney, kissimmee, and veera right now locally. >> should be fun. good weather for it. what do you think, david martin? we're sending it out to you first. >> celebration here at the wolf gang bakery. we're going to let paul allen, ceo, play center square for us. >> the cardinals. >> okay. >> except for the cardinals aren't one of the answers. >> i don't think that's right. >> but it's a good one. it's just not one of the answers. >> give him a second shot? >> yeah. >> the royals. >> good answer. >> all right. ryan. >> i remember him like yesterday playing, but i'm not 100 % sure of the team. i think it's the padres.
8:43 am
>> i'm tossing this one to jayme. he seems pretty confident about it. >> what, that's not confident? >> he seems confident about it like a minute ago. he just changed his mind now i guess. >> we're gonna go with kc. >> yeah? so you're joining the folks at wolfgang. what do you think? do you remember? >> what was that? >> he's trying to imitate you. he wants to be like you. >> it seemed like the thing to do. i'll go with the diamondbacks. >> it was the padres. ryan got it right, luann, too. he wasn't bad. i think he did it for fun to see how it would go. >> amy's your friend. i ran into him at the store once. he was really nice. i interviewed him once here which was cool.
8:44 am
>> you saw him at the check out? >> i did. time to check out what's hot in hollywood today. >> johnny xr 1067 is joining us live with scoop this morning. hi, re, good to see you. >> good to see you guys. we need to talk about doctor lieu. >> yeah, this isitancy. he's finally broken his silence. it's getting ugly. >> yeah, it's nasty. kesha's trying to get out of her contract with sony and if you haven't heard, the judge did not rule in her favor so all of the celebrities are reaching out and finally dr. luke himself has broken the silence and he did it on twitter, a series of tweets that he posted yesterday and he was saying that he understands what people are so passionate about this, but they need to get the facts straight. they don't know all the info. the only person that really knows all of the information is the judge and that is where, you know, it needs to stay.
8:45 am
to talk about it much more, he just wants you to know that he did not rape kesha, did not sexual relations with kesha. even posted a testimony back in 2011 when kesha said that none of these things happened with dr. luke. so he's going back from 2011, posting these testimonies and he's saying that he has a family. he was raised by a strong feminist and he has a daughter. so it's like these allegations that are coming out are ruining his life and combroen if we'll hear much more from him because he wants to leave it in the court system. >> even the court says, she has to stay with him. >> with the label, yeah. >> so i don't know, but maybe it's one of those cases well you should have done something at that point, maybe, then you would have had some. i don't know, that's a weird one. >> exactly. well, they were saying that she went to rehab and in rehab is when they told her she needed to let everything loose and clean the slate and feel better about this.
8:46 am
he was saying she's like a sister to him so she doesn't know where all this came from. but. >> that's ugly. now let's talk about the state of the music industry. the fact that rhianna has more number ones than michael jackson at this point, even though her songs say the same thing over and over and over. remember, we counted umbrella one time. it was something ridiculous in one something, how many times she said one word. >> really? that is so funny. i hadn't even thought about counting the words in that song. >> oh, it was ridiculous. >> but she did just drop the music video last night or yesterday and that's been blowing up all over the place. it's not safe for work. so if you're gonna check it out, i'll tell crew that. but she is beating michael jackson now. she has 14 number ones so she's breaking these records. as of right now, the beatles and
8:47 am
number ones, but she could be beating them. she could surpass all of that, but right now the king of pop is behind her. >> wow. that's fascinating. >> which was more legendary, though? >> yeah, good question. >> come on. is that even a question? >> exactly. exactly. always great to see you re. we love you. talk to you later. all right. 8:46. i thought you were talking to me. i was going to say hi to jayme. hi, everybody. good morning. 64 now. this is our accuweather visit orlando tower cam atop the hyatt regency in orlando. overlooking the i drive in that theme park area, and what you see is a nice morning. that has come to frusxigz we're going to arrive to this weather to a timeframe of 2, 3:00 and maybe we'll start seeing changes. clouds increase, rain chances coming up. folks lacking at the surf. temperatures there are 68 degrees with a south, southwest breeze at around 5 to
8:48 am
right now, we're in the 60s. it has been a great morning. all right, a little humid on the day today. we'll know that and a high temperature today, probably in excess of 80 degrees, most interior spots. and that range is 75 to 80. overall, looking good. nice and toasty if you like it that way. with showers and storms returning after about the noon hour. so after lunchtime, i want you to keep the umbrella handy and do know that will be subject to a few storms moving on through and scattered showers out there. ultimately, not a huge deal. i'll tell you what is, though, is this feature back across texas now. a lot of foul weather with that by the time it gets here. the warm front over extending the gulf south and will begin to move our way. with that said tonight, we probably see a big lull in activity. i'm going to go 10, 20 % chance of a couple isolated showers popping off. then we see this entire thing slide into the gulf of mexico and that's when we draw a concern about strong to severe thunderstorms returning to central florida. the window of severe
8:49 am
than 2 or 3 hours, but there is a window of strong storm activity so i want you to not only download the fox 35 weather app if you have yet to do so. it's totally free for apple and android devices. great weather radar if we're not on the air, it will keep you ahead of storms and if need be, we'll break into programming to update and alert you. boo tonight, you won't see us on the air. catch us online. glenn will be on tonight, fox 35 news at 5:00. and i'll tell you, talking about that big rush of weather tomorrow. golf scene today, no such thing. a few scattered showers by 3:00 and we continue with the gusty, southerly air flow today. south winds at 10 to 20. recapping here. strong to potential wind tomorrow. rain chance goes to zero. and a pretty cool stretch for the back end of the wreak and into the weekend. high temperatures hanging out somewhere in the 60s as we get to thursday, friday, saturday.
8:50 am
overnight friday into saturday and we warm things back up into monday, chamber of commerce again. high 74, and lot of sunshine. speaking of sun, let's snap the sun. nice shot. wow, twitchany. marion county, ocala, i received a few stets over the last couple of years from tiffany. always great scenes out there. horse country for sure. a couple thorough breads in the front view, back drop featuring sun and trees and fog. send us your pictures today. weather baby time. mc kensy got her mom's make-up chest there. this is totally you, amy. >> that's adorable. >> she's so cute. mc kensy our weather baby of the moment. visit our website for more info on the weather baby segment. hi, everybody. happy tuesday. here's a live look, i-4 eastbound before maitland. we have a new crash off to the shoulder. not causing too many significant delays.
8:51 am
good news there. be aware if you're traveling through the. we have a lot of crashes all over all of the other roads this morning. simp ron here, we have this crash. causing delays in either direction and literally right down cimarron here. we have another crash at michigan street, causing delays there. so definitely just be aware of that if need be. taking a look at your drive times, i-4 finally starting to clear. i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, about 23 minutes right now. i-4 eastbound from those attractions to downtown, takes you about 26 minutes right now and the 408 westbound from the 417 to downtown takes you about 14 minutes right now. that's it for your traffic. amy, john, back to you. thank you, gina. what's old is new again. >> remember when you used to listen to your favorite songs on the boom box? cassette tapes making a come back. i still have one in my car. it never went away for me. why they're making a come back,
8:52 am
first, our pet of the day, hazel. if you want you pet to be featured, just post your pet on your facebook page and it might be like hazel and make an p the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. . welcome back. following breaking news out of phoenix, arizona. police are on the scene of an active shooting. a family of four has been shot and the house they were in is on fire and the firefighters say they can't battle that fire because the shooter is actually inside of that burning home. no word on what sparked the shooting or how serious the injuries are, but we'll continue to follow this for you this morning.
8:56 am
cassette tapes could be making a comeback. >> this is interesting. music fans are starting to appreciate cassette tapes again and retail store is geared towards millennules are now stocking the them, and the tape players, too. >> they have the walkman and they have the head phones on and they listen to music and they have their mobility. so they could travel and walk around the city at the same time listen to music, just like they're doing now on the iphone. >> you can still do it now in a digital way. it's really simple. but there was something nice about having a physical, solid thing from your friend. >> i get a lot these days of 20 -year-olds and 25 -year-olds coming in. there is this weird kind of hipness about yesterday's future. >> i didn't tell interesting, right? artists have all released their tapes. cassettes still make up a very, very, very small portion of all music sales in the u.s. but why
8:57 am
be a little nostalgic. >> i guess. but it's about progress. you still have to fast forward, get the right spot to listen to the song. >> do you remember recording a song off the radio? >> yeah, and then you had to tape the top because you had already broken it. old school. >> we have a lot more coming up for you at 9:00. . >> all new, a new study blames parents for their child's adhd. we'll talk with the doctor about that new research, coming up. >> also, we're checking out a new device that tells you if something is touching your stuff when you're not around. stop touching my stuff, john brown. >> i didn't happen you were around. >> david martin. >> hey, i can't keep my hands off of his stuff. these dog biscuits look so good. they're so clever. nobody duds them better. and they're open every day, 9 to 9, all around the country at 68 tions. they're opening a new store every 10 to 15 days.
8:58 am
we're gonna talk to them in the next hour of what kind of products they sell besides food
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